NexLevel Challenge is passionate about driving performance and profits through satisfied and engaged people.

We work with clients who believe that people matter and employees are a company’s greatest asset. We believe a thriving and positive team culture is one of the only truly sustainable competitive advantages available to organizations.

NexLevel Challenge is based out of Calgary, Alberta and works extensively with clients in Calgary, Red Deer and Edmonton. We also offer programs across Canada. We work with teams and businesses of all sizes and across all industries; primarily small to mid-size organizations. Programs range from half day to multi day sessions and our team performance training programs extend over multi-year engagements.

Our Mission

NexLevel Challenge is committed to helping businesses achieve measurable results. Our mission is to provide businesses a dynamic & easy to follow system, using proven products and processes, that improves the performance and effectiveness of leaders, teams and organizations.

Our Values

Sincere Relationships – Real connection between people where they are able to speak openly and honestly while maintaining respect for each other as individuals.

Commitment to Excellence – Striving to do our very best in everything we do. Excellence, NOT perfection!

Positive & Fun Team Spirit – Maintaining a positive attitude at all times and incorporating fun with everyone we connect with.

Community of Trust – When in a supportive and trusting environment, people are free to be true to themselves

Integrity – Being honest and doing the right thing at all times in all circumstances equals

Fulfilled Lives

Our goal is to create work experiences for people that are satisfying, challenging and rewarding so they are able to go home and be their best for their families.

As an organization, how you make your people feel each and every day has a significant impact on their lives as a whole. Like a ripple, one small change in an individual will influence everything around them; their team, their organization, their family and their community.