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The Psychometric Tool of Choice!

Emergenetics is a unique tool for identifying how individuals think and behave. Emergenetics provides clarity and skill for individuals, teams and organizations. It improves productivity, leadership, communication and teamwork.

Why does Emergenetics stand out from all the rest?

There are many personality type assessments on the market…

  • What is the Emergenetics advantage?
  • What makes us different?

First of all, our foundation is built on science—with the reliability and validity of data that puts us into an industry-leading position.

When you complete an Emergenetics Profile; you can be confident in three things:

  1. Your Profile will be incredibly accurate: A 7 pt Likert Scale is used for all questions rather than forced choice and all attributes are presented on a spectrum, providing a highly accurate snapshot of how your brain drives thinking & behaviour.
  2. Your Profile will not change over time: With strong Test-Retest Reliability, you will see the same preferences again and again over time. You are who you are as a result of your genetics and experiences during your formative years (Emerge-genetics).
  3. Your Profile is accurate whether you are female or male and no matter where you live in the world: The data is re-normed every two years to ensure changes in our population are taken into account.

Secondly, where Emergenetics is really unique is in the application. If the information and data can’t be used in every day life, then what’s the point? Each Emergenetics Profile is distinct and no one is labeled or put into a box. No one should be generalized in this way – humans are way too complex for that!

This is how and why it works:

    • Emergenetics is built on four thinking and three behavioural attributes that every person possesses. You are given a picture that demonstrates exactly where you fall on the spectrum for each attribute. Even though you may have a preference for one or more style of thinking, your brain can perform in all styles.
    • Emergenetics separates thinking from behaviours —and it’s this distinction that creates the most significant difference between Emergenetics and all the other assessment tools on the market. People make assumptions about others based on the behaviours they exhibit, yet the way we think cannot always be determined based on how we behave. For example, not every person who loves teamwork and collaboration, which is measured by Social or “Red” thinking in Emergenetics, is always the life of the party which is measured by Expressiveness in Emergenetics. By separating the behaviours from the thinking preferences, one gets a much more accurate reflection of who you truly are.
    • Emergenetics conforms into how you interact at work. When you understand your preferences, you understand how they impact what you do and how you do it. Emergenetics does not  label someone with an Analytical or “Blue” thinking preference and say they should be an accountant. We’ve profiled many accountants and they have had a  wide variety of thinking and behavioural preferences. Individuals are empowered when they realize their skills come from their own unique way of approaching learning, life and work.

Finally, Emergenetics is easy to understand and implement with four well defined thinking colours and three behavioural colours. There is no need to memorize letters, words or charts and it is not necessary to read pages of description. You look at your Emergenetics colours and can immediately understand how you prefer to think and behave. Although our science might be complex, we do not believe knowing who you are should be.

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Emergenetics offers a Full Suite Solution to Driving Business Results

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Our Science & Research

Emergenetics tools and workshops deliver research-backed results that matter.

Emergenetics is a proven, measurable way to identify and apply thinking and behavior patterns used regularly. These patterns were identified by reviewing research from a number of academic publications covering personality, psychology, and neuroscience. The results were subjected to rigorous statistical analysis.

On a practical level, the Emergenetics Profile represents a clear outline of seven recognizable and useful elements that apply to work, communication, and interpersonal relationships.

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