Team Building that Works = NexLevel’s Team Training

Team building benefits are promoted by many companies. Yet these benefits are often hard to prove or show progress.

NexLevel Challenge takes team building to…the next level!

Our program is one of a kind and is designed for lasting results.

Team building, typically, has short term impact; NexLevel Challenge’s Team Training ensures you’re putting money back into your bottom line, with results that don’t fade over time.

And we can prove it to you.

Every client starts with a scorecard measuring key performance indicators (KPI’s) that directly affect profit margins. Post-assessment shows how each one improves over the course of the engagement, putting money directly back in your bottom line.

The sad reality is that businesses, large and small, are losing hard earned revenue every year

  • $26,000 per employee per year lost in productivity due to communication barriers
  • Minimum of 3.5 days lost per year per employee due to stress
  • Only 12.8% of employees are engaged…that means 87.2% are disengaged

NexLevel Challenge overcomes these challenges with proven science-based training that changes the way people interact and communicate for the better.

The result?

Businesses that are more productive than you can imagine, with real teams and players who provide measurable results.
That’s a solid investment for your company.

Stop Leaking Money from your Bottom Line

Does your team communicate well?  Are they fully engaged? Do they consistently perform at their best? 

If you answered no to any of these, it’s costing you time and money. 

It’s hard to believe but annual productivity losses from communication barriers are, on average, $26,000 per employee! That’s $260,000/year for a team of 10. For a leadership team, consider the larger impact on the organization. 

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Uncover how your team feels about their productivity


“Big Thank You to NexLevel Challenge for the great journey. The learnings, reflections and tools have made our group more connected, inspired and effective. Personally, I took many new tips from your program and have added them to the tool box I carry every day when dealing with people. Thank you for all your patience, the learning and your professionalism.”

Sr. Management Operations Team, Calgary Co-op

Team Training Tools You Can Count On

NexLevel Challenge offers a variety of training options for companies of various sizes, and industries. The combination of scientific-based Emergenetics profiling and experiential learning, boosted by ongoing consulting support, is a combination proven to deliver lasting results.

What can you expect? Fun and engaging teambuilding experiences, combined with practical and relevant training, designed to help your team members Connect, have Fun & achieve Excellence.


Understanding how People Live, Work & Play

  • Technically, Emergenetics is a brain-based psychometric assessment.
  • Practically, it is a shortcut to understanding and results.
  • Socially, it improves communication, collaboration and relationships.
  • Conceptually, it provides endless opportunities to improve workplace culture, efficiency and outcomes.

Tired of personality tests? We were too! They don’t get used post-workshop, pigeonhole people into categories and aren’t accurate enough to be effective.

These challenges are specifically why the Emergenetics Assessment is so appealing; it’s easy to use, strengths-based and effective in overcoming communication barriers. Rooted in neuroscience and separating how we think from how we behave are just a few of the things that make Emergenetics unlike any assessment you’ve seen before!

As an Advanced Emergenetics Associate, Tara-Lee has the ability to customize the Emergenetics experience for her clients and support them receiving the greatest ROI possible from their training investment.

“NexLevel Challenge has helped us foster communication and trust within our Calgary division. Emergenetics has been informative, easy to understand and fun to implement. It is one of the first tools we have used as a company that has become as entrenched as it has.”

Kori, Cascades, Calgary

Want to check out Emergenetics for yourself?

Register for an upcoming public workshop, the SCIENCE OF LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNICATION.
Leave this session better able to connect with, communicate to, and influence others. Workshop fee includes your own Emergenetics assessment and access to the innovative Emergenetics+ App.


Experiential Learning

Bringing Learning to Life

Science proves people remember what they experience far better than what they read or hear. NexLevel Challenge uses experiential learning because it works; team members truly connect, have fun and learn new ways to achieve excellence.

Tired of spending money on team building events that don’t have any impact? So are we! We are committed to delivering programs that are effective and achieve results; closing the gap between the workshop & workplace.

If you would like information on our corporate training retreats at our locally, owned and operated Red Lodge Ropes Course. Click here.

“Following our retreat, the atmosphere at work was different. We have bonded on a different deeper level. I feel I have gained the trust of my team. I also feel they are working harder and enjoying their time at work. We all realize how important we are to the practice and that we all have the same goals in the end. I recommend NexLevel Challenge to any team – they certainly helped us! We pushed ourselves and had to rely on each other for support and this has definitely transferred over to our office! Thank you!”

Solara Dental Care

Consulting Support

Team building companies offer team building, training companies deliver training and consulting companies provide consulting.

NexLevel Challenge Does It All!

In order to overcome the biggest challenges with effective training, on-going consulting provides teams the support they need to effectively manage change and move their team’s performance to the next level!

We also have a wide network of professionals to call on when our client has a specific need.

Program Add-ons Include:

  • Pre & Post Metrics Scorecard
  • Monthly Phone Check-in’s

  • Pre & Post Team Needs Assessment

  • Emergenetics Coaching

  • Leadership Coaching

If you have a team, you can’t afford to not take action!

Take your FREE Team Satisfaction Survey 

Uncover how your team feels about their productivity

The process is simple; we send out a short 10-question anonymous survey to your team and
the team leader answers the same questions, the way they think their team will answer!

Voila! We provide the results, at no charge to you. We simply want you to have the information you need to make your business better. 


“The NexLevel Challenge Team worked hard to ensure our entire process was seamless. The activities we participated in allowed our team to communicate, strategize and really work together. Expert facilitation helped us understand how our actions during the activities are indicative of actions in our day to day lives.

We made a significant investment in this program by shutting down operations mid-week to ensure our entire team was there to participate and we are very satisfied with the value we have received. We highly recommend Tara-Lee, Beth and the NexLevel Challenge Team and look forward to seeing them again soon!”

HR Director, STEP Energy

Getting started is simple!

1. We connect and listen; what are your team’s challenges?

2. We recommend a combination of workshops from our Team Training Series that will meet your exact program outcomes. Most programs include four full-day sessions, completed over 4-6 months. Click here to see our course outlines.

3. We help you submit your Canada Alberta Job Grant application, providing funding for two-thirds of the program cost. On average, our programs range from $2000-$3000 per person, depending on the size of your team and program components. This Grant decreases your investment to less than $1000 per person!

An investment of only $1000/employee to decrease the $26,000/employee you are losing every year to communication barriers – how can you afford not to??

We look forward to connecting with you!