STOP Wasting Money on Team Building
that Doesn’t Work

You have limited resources and taking your team out for a full day of team building
is a huge expense, often with little gain, when not done properly.

Let’s face it…a typical team building day creates some good energy
short-term, and then everyone slips back into their old habits
…and your money is wasted.

What You Need is
Team Training
with LASTING Results

  • Improves communication…less missed deadlines
  • Increases employee engagement…teams that trust each other get more done
  • Decreases stress…less sick days and lower employee turnover

Team Training is the ideal combination of team building and training; designed to fast track your team’s efficiency & productivity, leading to improved profit margins.



“Reflecting back, the most important insight would be the importance of effective communication. Most of us wanted to jump right in and lead; too many chiefs. It wasn’t until we actually listened that we started to accomplish something. Your challenges have shown me to sit back more, listen and offer encouragement so my team will take the extra steps to not only achieve the goal but take a risk and exceed it.”

Colin, Calgary CO-OP

THE BOTTOM LINE: businesses lose
thousands of dollars every year

because of miscommunication, disengagement and stress.

This money can be saved through team training specifically designed to overcome communication barriers, which is exactly what NexLevel Challenge does. And, unlike most training & team building companies in Calgary, we track key metrics to prove gains and improvements.

We know real change ONLY happens when you have three things:

  • New knowledge

  • Buy in to a better way of doing things

  • Support to make change happen

NexLevel Challenge Team Training addresses all three, helping to ensure a return on your training investment.

We transform good companies into amazing ones, with engaged employees, high performance and profitable teams. The result…better business, better community, and ultimately, a better world.

Are you ready for training that actually improves your bottom line?


Are you interested in free training dollars?

The Canada Alberta Job Grant will pay for two-thirds of this training. This funding is offered to help Alberta businesses remain competitive by building the skills of their employees.

Up to $10,000 per employee is available – why shouldn’t you take advantage of it?

We help with paperwork – You get Team Training for a fraction of the cost – It’s a Win Win!

A few of our client partnerships