Building a Strong Team Foundation

  • Do you wonder how to engage the work ethic of the younger generation?
  • Are employee turnover costs impacting your bottom line?
  • Would you like to better understand how to relate to those you work with?

Teamwork Fundamentals are highly interactive team problem solving challenges that can be conducted both indoors & outdoors. Teams engage in unique challenges and their success will be based on how effectively they interact as a high performing team.

Although participants find the activities fun and engaging, these programs are not just fun & games. They are strategically designed experiences with the intention of achieving specific goals and objectives. Facilitated discussion and debrief is a key component to our Teamwork Fundamentals programs, in order to maximize the benefit your team will receive from their experience.

Are you looking to do something unique and different with your team yet still have a learning component? This may be the option for you!


Our clients make team-building a priority when they are:

  • building a strong company culture
  • experiencing relational challenges
  • facing rapid growth
  • going through a corporate reorganization, merger or acquisition
  • experiencing staff retention issues

Our team building program objectives can include:

  • team realignment
  • conflict resolution and problem solving
  • improved team dynamics, relationships and trust
  • leadership development
  • enhanced team communication

“Thanks Tara-Lee and the rest of the NexLevel team for a great day in your program! Not only did we have an outstanding day getting to know and trust each other more, but I watched as colleagues had “breakthroughs” in what they thought that they were capable of.

Having participated in many team building events during my career, I have to say that his was by far the best event I have ever participated in!”

Oliver BaeznerSonic Breakthrough Coaching

Where will you conduct our team-building program?

Teamwork Fundamentals can be conducted at a variety of venues, both indoors and out. Programs can range from a couple of hours to multiple days.

  1. On-site at (or close to) your Organization – a great introduction to experiential learning and will get your team away from their day-to-day tasks without a big time commitment. We work with a variety of facility partners in your area and are happy to help you source the perfect event space
  2. Off-site Conference or Retreat Centre – are you looking to get away for the day and really increase team commitment and participation? Consider heading to one of our suggested Retreat Centers for a day away from distractions. Be prepared to dive into team issues, overcome challenges and think creatively about your team’s future.

What activities will we be doing?

Our industry certification provides us access to highly innovative and dynamic problem solving challenges. Your program will be custom designed based on your group’s dynamics, objectives and demographics.

Programs may include a variety of:

  • Energizers & Cooperative games– Fun activities designed to increase participants comfort level and break down barriers.
  • Communication activities– communication within a team dynamic is often a challenging area. Communication activities allow us to highlight the importance of effective communication and what good communication looks like in a fun & engaging way.
  • Group initiatives– Problems that challenge a group to work together and pool their resources to find solutions to real and imaginary obstacles. Success is realized when groups begin to work effectively and all members have contributed to the outcome.

Highly trained facilitators will provide instruction, outline rules and encourage participants to work through the challenges as a team. All activities will allow the group to discover learnings that can be directly applied to their day-to-day work and personal lives.

“I had the pleasure of attending a team challenge experience with Tara-Lee and the rest of her team at NexLevel Challenge. I can honestly say as a facilitator myself and having been in many team building experiences, NexLevel Challenge is one of the best experiences I have had. The experience covered mindfulness, challenging assumptions, creative thinking, deepening relationships, pushing to new highs and much much more. The highlight for me was experiencing Tara-Lee’s incredible debriefing where she took our experiential learning and helped us see in our own ways how to bring that learning into real change after the experience. I learned alot about myself from her debrief and took copious mental notes to become a better facilitator in my own practice!

Jenn LofgrenIncito Consulting