NexLevel Challenge wants to partner with you to support the training and development you are doing with your clients. Our unique experiential programs can help dramatically increase the transferability of learning from your workshops into their day-to-day lives?

As specialists in all things ‘team and play’, we will partner with you and make your material more useful and effective for your clients.

You retain your client relationship…we are here to support you!

Time and time again, participants spend time in valuable training programs, listening to engaging keynote speakers and investing time in coaching programs. Unfortunately, due to the brain’s neuroplasticity, we are creatures of habit and will quickly fall, all to quickly back, into our habits and regular ways of performing.

However, we are able to use our brain to create new habits and maintain them. Brain research is now telling us the more engaged we are in our learning, our capacity for learning & retention is increased. Physical movement, emotional engagement and reflection, all dramatically increase the transferability of learning from the classroom to real life. Learned material retention is 75-90% higher when participants have the opportunity to engage with the information and teach it to others.

Our experiential programs allow participants to put what they’ve learned into practice, see how old patterns and habits show up and better understand how to make the behavioural changes required to be more successful. Scientifically speaking, our programs accelerate the re-wiring of participants neural pathways according to the new habits they want to form.

We welcome the opportunity to co-facilitate with you during these programs so you are able to engage with your clients and help them make valuable learning lessons, based on the work you are doing with them.

We look forward to partnering with you to support your client’s success.

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