I believe a half-day session with NexLevel Challenge can do more to create team work in the workplace, than years of attending seminars & workshops.

Carol SchurinkBusiness Owner - Precision Alignment & Brake Ltd.

Challenge Ropes Courses are a fun and exciting way to create a shared experience for your team, where everyone is on an equal playing field. Teams are given the opportunity to challenge their individual comfort zones while being supported by their team members.

Just like a team environment at work where not everyone does the same job, our ropes course programs focus on having a variety of roles for team members to fulfill. Our goal is to ensure everyone leaves feeling empowered and excited about their experience.

If you are looking for a team building option to dramatically accelerate the learning and enhance the transfer of these lessons back to everyday life and the work environment, our ropes course may be the right option for you!

What is a Challenge Ropes Course?

Challenge Ropes Courses provide exciting outdoor options used for team and personal development.

Ropes courses have been used since the early 1900’s to provide a unique way for a team to experience the value of working together to complete assigned tasks; the higher the element, the higher the perceived risk.

Located in the Calgary-Red Deer Corridor, our Red Lodge Ropes Course, is an exceptional way to bring a team together and help achieve goals and objectives related to team work and personal growth. The ropes course, with it’s many diverse elements, can also be used for ‘just for fun’ recreation.

Why use a Ropes Course for Team Building?

Ropes courses provide an ‘out of the box’ way for your team to engage, learn and grow.

For our team programs, we typically use our dynamically belayed team elements where some team members will belay, some will be the support team, and two team members will climb together. The success of the climbers depends on how well everyone works together. This scenario acts a metaphor for how the team operates back in the workplace – what worked, what didn’t work and what lessons can they draw from their experience in order to be more effective as a team.

Through the ropes course experience, team members will have the opportunity to:

  1. Interact in a fun, engaging and non-threatening environment.
  2. Increase their personal effectiveness as team players.
  3. Set their own personal goals and take calculated risks – individuals are recognized and rewarded based on effort, over success or failure.
  4. Create an environment that demonstrates the essential components of a high performing team in an effort to understand how to transfer these skills back to their work environment.

Our Team Building Programs range from a few hours to multiple days and activity selection, insights and metaphors will depend on your group’s objectives and demographics.

The optimum group size for most of our activities is 12-14 individuals per facilitator. We can work with smaller groups and will divide larger groups into smaller teams to optimize your learning opportunity.

Why NexLevel Challenge?

  • Our partners and employees care about our clients; we believe in people and the incredible value in developing a strong team culture.
  • We strive to ensure every participant leaves our programs feeling better equipped to tackle real life challenges.
  • We own & operate our ropes course, Red Lodge Ropes Course, located at Bowden, Alberta. This beautiful property has been in our family for over 80 years.
  • We are members of the Association for Challenge Course Technology (ACCT) and their standards guide both maintenance of our course and training of our operators. We take safety VERY seriously!
  • Our ropes course is designed with multiple levels of challenge to accommodate all participants.

At NexLevel Challenge, we have a few strong beliefs we stand behind when facilitating corporate programs at our Ropes Course:

  1. Teamwork is built on respectful and trusting relationships.

A ropes course experience provides teams the opportunity to better understand one another in a way you just don’t get in the day-to-day work environment.

  1. Choice and goal setting are key team building fundamentals.

We do things a little differently than you may have experienced in adventure-based team building programs – our ropes course experience focuses on team engagement, inclusion and trust. Everyone can participate and feel energized and empowered by the experience…absolutely everyone!

All participants are provided choice throughout their experience and are given the opportunity to set their own individual success goals.

Yes we want you to push your comfort zone but it will be done on your terms, not our terms or those of your teammates!

  1. Trust is earned through honoring individuals for who they are.

We don’t do trust falls and we don’t push people beyond what they choose for themselves – we honor and respect the choices individuals make.

What does this mean? If you are afraid of heights, you don’t climb if you don’t want to. If you have physical limitations, you won’t do more than you feel you can safely.

We do ask that everyone participates in some way – but how is completely up to each individual.

Our Facility – Red Lodge Ropes Course

NexLevel Challenge uses the Red Lodge Ropes Course, located at the beautiful Red Lodge Guest Ranch, 11 kms west of Bowden, Alberta for our Teamwork to New Heights programs. This Challenge Ropes Course is owned and operated by NexLevel Challenge.

Just one hour north of Calgary and approximately 30 minutes from Red Deer, Red Lodge Guest Ranch is a working cattle and horse ranch set on 320 acres of wilderness and magnificent evergreen forest. Herds of horses, cattle and natural wildlife are part of the setting for our visitors to enjoy.

In addition to stunning scenery, the Red Lodge Guest Ranch provides a range of facilities guaranteed to make your corporate retreat a resounding success.

The Red Lodge Ropes Course located at this site is second to none! Built in 2010 to the Association for Challenge Course Technology’s (ACCT) industry standards, it contains:

  • 6 ground element variations plus numerous portable activities
  • 4 different low rope options
  • 11 team elements on a dynamic belay system
  • 12 individual elements on the top tier static course

Our operators and facilitators are trained to ACCT’s standards and receive regular training throughout the season. In addition, our course is monitored closely for safety and is inspected on a regular basis spring through fall.

Please check out our Red Lodge Ropes Course site for more details on the Challenge Ropes Course or the Ranch Retreat facility.

“NexLevel Challenge” catapults your office staff to the great outdoors with their beautiful setting!

Rain or shine this is a great outing everyone will enjoy and accommodates all levels of fitness.

The wonderful staff got us going on many different challenges that encouraged our employees to take leadership roles and direction we would not have expected, especially from some of our quieter staff!

Lunch was great too! A great time was had by all. Great boost for morale and team spirit!”

Thank-you from the staff of;

Summit Strategies & Accounting for Success

“Tara- Lee has a great understanding of team dynamics, and how best to set all her clients up for success. After arriving at NexLevel Challenge, our group was immediately greeted in a friendly environment. The team was well organized and prepared to deal with last minute changes.

Tara-Lee has an amazing ability to bring calmness to situations where her clients may find the circumstances challenging. Not only that, but she has a passion for seeing each person attain a level of success, with freedom to do as much or as little as they feel comfortable. Team building was amazing. I would highly recommend that all groups go through NexLevel challenge on a regular basis.”

Bonnie DyckIron Oak IT

“Who knew that learning about yourself could be so much fun! The time spent at NexLevel Challenge was not only memorable, but literally life changing for several of us. Our group learned valuable life lessons in teamwork and the attitudes we all have when faced with new challenges that take us out of our comfort zones.

Tara-Lee and her team made sure we were safe while embracing experiential learning at its best. We laughed, we encouraged each other, and were sad when the day ended because we all wanted more. We walked thru the woods, climbed ropes and ladders, got lifted through the air trusting our teammates had our backs, and through all that built friendship and camaraderie that would otherwise take months or years to build. Thank you Tara-Lee for an amazing adventure in learning.”

Linda ColcloughArtistry in Motion

“The first thing you need to know is that I am afraid of heights… no, really! Sometimes I have embarrassing panic attacks while hiking up mountains. So, the first time I headed out to NexLevel Challenge for our team building day I was very nervous. The first activity we did together was on the ground, somewhat of a relief, and really fun. We learned how we responded to situations as individuals and as a group “in real life.”

Then came the scary stuff…the “medium” level ropes. We each had a team and were responsible for one another’s safety. We choose a “stretch” goal and mine was to go to the top of the ladder not even getting on to the obstacle. Let me tell you I surprised both myself and my friends on the ground as I was able, with their support, to not just climb the ladder but also conquer the entire obstacle!!
That was a proud moment!!!

Since that day I have gone back out to NexLevel Challenge to concur the “high” ropes course and from that I have taken many things. One of which is to truly understand the saying the distance is nothing, the first step is tough. Thank you NexLevel Challenge for not only a wonderful Team Building experience but also a great opportunity to conquer personal fear and take great personal insight.”

Dr. Tanya KellowayLeela Eco Spa and Studio