Get your next meeting or conference off to a great start.

Event planners know the importance of mood and tone from the beginning of an event. NexLevel Challenge will get your attendees engaged and excited about your program with a great opening. Our meeting openers, ice-breakers and energizers will liven up your next business meeting or conference.

Interactive challenges are aimed at energizing your group;

  • Meeting openers and ice-breakers at the start of the day are purposeful activities that set a positive atmosphere to get your group ready to participate.
  • Mid-day meeting energizers are activities designed to generate continued excitement to provide the boost to finish the day on a positive note.

Want to increase the value participants will receive from your event?

Our facilitators will conduct session reflections that will have your attendees active and engaged in their learning. Modern day studies of the brain are showing that physical, emotional and social involvement in learning increases engagement and retention.

Why not increase the benefit your participants will receive from your conference sessions with some fun & interactive learning sessions?