We help businesses build highly effective team environments through supporting individuals in better understanding themselves and what makes them tick. Through this enhanced self-awareness, individuals are better able to understand one another and value and respect one another’s inherent strengths.

The heart of NexLevel Challenge remains our experiential based team building activities; actively engaging participants in their learning experience. This process is scientifically proven to increase both learning capacity as well as material retention.

Our team performance initiatives extend to include the Emergenetics Psychometric Assessment Tool as well as a confidential team assessment. We also work with an extensive Professional Network of Strategic Partners who bring a variety of products and services to our clients, as required.

Through our workshops and programs, professional facilitators will guide participants through processes and experiences that accelerate learning and allow individuals to put theory into practice, providing powerful takeaways.

Each program will wrap up with a comprehensive discussion that will identify specific actions and development opportunities. Our goal from each session is to ensure we help participants identify ways to integrate key learnings back into their daily work – this is what drives results.