Creating Lasting Change in your Team

Our team performance training system combines our experiential team building programs with the assessment tools and workshops we offer. Combining these tools with our hands on activities accelerates learning and allows participants to transfer knowledge and skills back to the workplace.

The takeaways that result from this process are remarkably higher than workshops on their own.

The process ensures our clients achieve the expected business results. Our focus is to ensure our clients turn the money they have invested into a permanent change in behaviour, optimizing performance and effectiveness.

Over time, this combination of tools, workshops and processes will work to build relationships and establish a strong and sustainable culture in your organization.

It is this process which is unique to NexLevel Challenge and which guarantees a return on your team development investment.

Closing the Workshop to Workplace Gap

We have all gone to those training workshops or presentations that were so valuable – we learned so much that we are going to implement right away and improve our performance! Yet we get back to work and face the mountain of tasks and deadlines and unfortunately, fall right back into our old habits!

This training system is designed with the end in mind – we want to ensure tools are embraced and utilized and behaviours change for the better. What truly makes NexLevel Challenge unique is the combination of our programs, working with our clients over a period of time. Emergenetics helps build greater awareness around who your employees really are and our Experiential programs help bring that learning to life – dramatically improving individual and team performance when back at work.

This training system fulfills the Canada-Alberta Job Grant requirements. Take advantage of this opportunity to have 2/3 of your employee training costs covered up to a maximum of $10,000 per employee! Click here for more info.

Tara-Lee Goerlitz and Beth Fredeen are Certified Associates of Emergenetics International – Canada