These experiential learning ‘playshops’ provide insights for the members of your organization where they gain a greater awareness of the group process. Your team will learn skills that promote healthier working relationships.

Program objectives may include interpersonal issues, communication barriers or other challenges within the team related to conflict management, respect, cooperation or lack of cohesive trust.

Each interactive activity will challenge the group to work together to achieve the desired objectives. The facilitator will provide instruction, outline rules and encourage participants to work through the challenges as a team. All activities will serve as metaphors and the group will discover learnings that can be directly applied to their day to day work and personal lives.

The Lunch & Learn ‘Playshop’ program consists of four one-hour ‘playshops’ delivered over four weeks. As the program is delivered over the lunch hour, there is little impact on day to day work schedules, as everyone has to have lunch anyway!

Our clients have experienced:

  • improved team communication
  • heightened team collaboration
  • increased problem-solving skills