Emergenetics Cognitive Collaboration

Cognitive Collaboration is an interactive workshop focusing on developing people and organizations through leveraging cognitive diversity.

Cognitive diversity is the extent to which a group reflects differences in thinking and behaviors. When you combine the diversity of each individual team member, cognitive collaboration brings the true strengths of all individuals together. This is where true competitive advantage lies.

A study done by Fierce found that of 1,400 executives, employees and educators, a lack of communication and collaboration was seen as a top reason for workplace failures. To turn this around, we need to start with the root of communication breakdowns – the fact we are all different.

These differences can be our greatest barrier or greatest asset – which will it be for your organization?

Session objectives are:

  • Learn what cognitive diversity looks like within your organization
  • Link performance management with increased collaboration and employee communication
  • Discover how cognitive collaboration can be activated within your workforce to achieve business impact
  • Create an understanding of what drives high-performing teams
  • Return to your workplace with tools, ideas, and resources for developing your human capital