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Multitasking: A Human Delusion?

Multitasking: A Human Delusion? “People can’t multitask very well, and when people say they can, they’re deluding themselves,” said neuro-scientist Earl Miller. And, he said, “The brain is very good at deluding itself.” Miller, a Picower professor of neuroscience at MIT, says that for the most part, we simply can’t focus on more than one […]

High Performance Teams through Play

Did you know fun experiential programming can support your team’s success? What would be the value to your team if: Everyone was working towards the same, agreed upon, and understood objectives? The relationships between the members of your team were stronger than ever? Your team members recognized and valued each other’s strengths, skills and knowledge? […]

Take time to Play in your Boardroom!

Do you love to play? Do you know how good it is for you? Play is both a source of calmness and a source of stimulation for the brain and body; it is very powerful. Play also provides an opportunity to get to know more about the people we work with. ‘Play’ Definition: (verb) “engage in activity […]

Team Performance Training in an Economic Downturn

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees an opportunity in every difficulty.” ~ Winston Churchill       Don’t Ignore Team Performance Training in Tough Times We are definitely living in interesting times. Businesses face many challenges in an economic downturn; one of the most critical is how to remain innovative without over […]